the classes

In each lesson, we start by spending 10-15 minutes looking at a particular artist or genre. Even quite small children have seemed to enjoy this and often incorporate the artist's style into their work that week.

While we all embark on the same technique on any given day, all students are encouraged to experiment and go where their fancy takes them.

Each term, or over the course of a week in the holidays, we will cover several of the following techniques: line drawing and shading; the colour wheel and colour mixing; we use collage to help us think about tone and negative space; we draw and paint from observation (still life and landscape) and from our imaginations. We also have classes on marbling; embossing with gold and silver; making illuminated initials with gold leaf; using acrylics; using watercolours; painting on silk and cotton; painting wet on wet. We try miniatures and also enormous sketches with charcoal and ink. We sometimes think of something new that we could experiment with as a group.

Each after-school class begins at 4.15 and ends at 6.15. The students are welcome to come straight from school even if there is a wait before 4.15. Each class begins with a snack that I provide and there is water available throughout the lessons.

Each daytime class in a holiday week begins at 9 and ends at 4. Your child will need to bring a packed lunch, but morning and afternoon snacks will be provided.

Every class includes ten minutes or so clearing up at the end, regardless of how onerous this seems to any individual child.